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Here are some of the most common questions asked about MetaClinic. If you have any other questions, we invite you to ask them at

What is a MetaClinic?

A MetaClinic is a full-service, primary care medical practice staffed by board certified doctors, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners.

What can I come to the MetaClinic for?

You can use the MetaClinic services for anything you would use a standard doctor’s office for -sickness and injuries, annual health check-ups, physicals, vaccinations/flu shots. Our board certified physicians and nurse practitioners can take care of the same things that any doctor’s office can, and for issues that require specialized attention, we are ready to provide you with professional referrals to specialists in the area who can provide you with the advanced care you need. We will even set up the appointment if you’d like!

What is a Health Coach?

Every MetaClinic location offers the services of a Health Coach who specializes in helping members achieve their own personal health goals. Working as part of your MetaClinic Care team, your Health Coach will help develop a plan that enables you to live healthier on your terms. Some great examples of goals that Health Coaches have helped MetaClinic members achieve are: lose weight, quit smoking, get off diabetes medication, reduce other medications, run a 5k, eat healthier, and more!

Do Health Coach services cost anything?

No. As a member, nothing at the MetaClinic will ever cost you anything.

What else does my membership entitle me to?

As a member, you can come to the MetaClinic for all of your primary care office visits, your lab work, and most of your generic medicines. All at NO COST to you. Appointments are all exactly 20 or 40 minutes, so there is NO WAITING. And since you can get most of your meds and labs right here, you save wasted trips to the pharmacy and lab.

What if I DON’T currently have a primary care or family doctor?

You’re in luck. That’s what MetaClinic is designed to do. Not only can we provide all your primary care needs, but we can also refer you to local specialists when you need more advanced treatment.

What if I DO currently have a family doctor?

Not a problem. You have two choices. If you decide you’d like to switch to MetaClinic as your new team for primary care, we will be happy to help you make the transition, including getting your family’s records from your existing physician. OR, if you prefer to keep your primary care doctor for now, you can still take advantage of MetaClinic services for labs and generic meds (but you will still have to make an appointment to see our provider.)

What is the first thing I need to do?

To activate your MetaClinic membership, all you have to do is schedule an Initial Health Assessment. This is a free 40-minute consultation in which a MetaClinic provider will give you a physical exam, review your medical history, take some basic health information, and discuss your overall health with you. After that, you are free to use all the MetaClinic services you want. And even if you don’t use the MetaClinic much after that, your membership will be activated and ready to use when you change your mind.

How do I schedule an appointment?

It’s easy. Go online to where you can schedule your appointment and even fill out your initial paperwork to save more time. Or you can call us at 1-844-774-4325. Appointment days and hours vary by MetaClinic location. Our goal is to make it convenient, so there will be some appointments in the morning, some in the afternoon and some in the evening. Check the web site or call for available times.

Can my family members go there too?

Of course. We encourage anyone who is covered under your current health plan to utilize the MetaClinic. Because the more people who use these services, the more money you save

How does it work with my insurance?

The MetaClinic is an option to use for your primary care and doesn’t require your insurance. Rather than going to your family doctor and using your insurance card, paying the co-pay and deductible, all you have to do is make an appointment and show up on time. If you need lab work, the MetaClinic staff will take care of that. If you need generic medicine, and the MetaClinic stocks what you need, you leave with it in your hands. All at NO CHARGE TO YOU. And with NO EXTRA TRIPS to the lab or the pharmacy.

What generic medicines can I get at the MetaClinic?

Your MetaClinic can prescribe all medications, and is able to fill prescriptions for many of the most common generic medications on the market today. If you have a question about a certain medication, we invite you to call 1-844-774-4325.

If another doctor wants me to have lab work done, can I get it done at the MetaClinic?

Sure can. Just make an appointment with the MetaClinic, bring your lab order with you and it will be done on the same visit (if you need to fast, and didn’t before doing the lab, a 10-minute follow-up visit will be scheduled). The MetaClinic provider needs to see you though, so don’t forget to make an appointment first.

Can I just walk in if I’m sick?

Not yet. For now you still need an appointment. However, some MetaClinic locations include urgent care facilities that can accommodate walk-ins.